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2008 Red and Specialty Regional Trial


Three yellow flesh clones scored the highest in culinary evaluations this year. Yukon Gold, the yellow fleshed standard, was the highest scoring clone with a total of 61 out of 75 points. CO99045-1W/Y (white skin, yellow flesh) and AC99329-7PW/Y (purple skin, yellow flesh) rated 59.7 and 59.5, respectively.

Four purple flesh and three red flesh entries were included in the 2008 trial. The two purple fleshed holdovers from the 2007 trial (CO97215-2P/P and CO97227-2P/PW) were evaluated along with a new entry, OR00068-11, and the check cultivar, Purple Majesty. All three red fleshed entries (CO97222-1R/R, PA96RR1-193, POR01PG45-5) were new this year. Colored flesh clones are not considered in the statistical analysis of fry color with the white and yellow flesh entries. All white and yellow flesh entries produced acceptably light colored French fries (≤USDA 2) except Yukon Gold and CO99045-1W/Y. These latter two clones produced fries that were non-uniform in color from stem to bud end (difference in reflectance ≥9).

A00286-3Y produced the lightest SFA chip rating of 2.5 from the six-member taste panel. CO99045-1W/Y produced the darkest chips with a SFA score of 4.8. All entries as a group seemed to fry darker than in previous years.

The samples in this year’s trial were all rated very closely when oven baked, with ratings ranging from 17.5 to 21.8. All entries produced slight or no after cooking darkening when oven baked. The texture of baked samples was favorably rated as “creamy” or ‘fluffy’. ATT98500-2P/Y had an “unacceptable” flavor but all other entries were rated as either “good” or “bland”. Tuber centers of baked samples were given acceptable ratings of “mushy” or “fully cooked” for all entries. The skins of baked samples were also rated as acceptable (“steamy” or “fully cooked”) for all entries.

When boiled, NDA7985-1R, PA96RR1-193, Purple Majesty, CO97215-2P/P, OR00068-11, POR02PG26-5 and POR02PG37-2 sloughed severely; all others sloughed slightly or moderately. CO97222-1R/R and POR03PG23-1 had a moderate degree of after cooking darkening but all other entries were slight. Texture of the boiled samples of all entries was favorably rated as “creamy” or ‘fluffy. The flavor of AC99330-1P/Y was unacceptable; however, all others were rated as either “good” or “bland”. All tuber centers were rated as either “fully cooked” or “mushy” after boiling.

Microwaving produced “moderate” after cooking darkening in A99331-2RY and POR03PG23-1; all other entries were rated as “slight” or “none”. The texture of all microwaved samples was favorably rated as “creamy” or “fluffy” and flavor ratings ranged from “bland” to “good”. Microwaving resulted in tuber centers that were “mushy” or “fully cooked” and skins that were “steamy” or “fully cooked”, which are desirable ratings.

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