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Potato Varieties:
Blue- and Purple-skinned

Please do not contact us regarding potato variety availability. We do not sell potato seed nor do we have access to its availability. If you are interested in potato varieties available from the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI) follow this link:

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AC BLUE PRIDE - Tubers are "oval to long; smooth blue purple skin; shallow eyes; white flesh, occasional coloration in vascular ring." "Medium high yielding variety; excellent storability, long dormancy period; medium specific gravity."

AC DOMINO - Tubers are "round; smooth blue purple skin; medium-deep eyes; white flesh, blue coloration may occur in vascular ring.... High yielding variety; tubers set early; high number of tubers per plant; well adapted to Newfoundland growing conditions; good storability, medium dormancy period; high specific gravity."

ADIRONDACK BLUE - "Medium to late season...oblong tubers, shallow eyes, blue purple skin, deep purple flesh, ...excellent yield." See also: Tucker Farms.

ALL BLUE - "Deep blue skin and blue flesh...soft, moist texture. Now a mainstay of the specialty potato market." See also: Tucker Farms; Wood Prairie Farm.

BLEUE D'AUVERGNE - "Medium-small round to oval to tubers. A blue skin, blue flesh variety from France, features determinate vines and is much earlier than any other blue fleshed."

BLUE MAC - Tubers are "round, stem-end slightly flattened; blue purple skin; medium-deep eyes; white flesh.... High yielding variety; slight cracking may occur on tubers grown in dry soil; good storability, short dormancy period. High total solids."

BLUE TOMCAT – "Large fingerling type, very dark blue skin and blue flesh." Heirloom.

BRIGUS - Tubers are "round to oval; smooth purple skin; shallow eyes; cream to very pale yellow flesh. High yielding variety; good storability, short dormancy period; medium specific gravity." Primary uses: boiling and French frying.

BRITISH COLUMBIA BLUE - "This variety is part of a "constellation" of large blue-fleshed clones, all of which are very similar, but not apparently identical.... The related clones include Sharon's Blue, Nova Scotia Blue (below) and the widely offered All Blue (sometimes referred to as Canadian Purple). A related Swedish clone is Congo, similar but possessing by far the darkest purple or blue skin and flesh color" (Potato Gene Resources Newsletter, 2001).

CARIBE - Tubers are "oblong, thick, narrowing at the bud end; smooth red-purple skin or heavily stippled red-purple on a tan background; numerous medium-deep eyes the same colour as the skin or deep indigo; creamy white flesh. High yielding variety; attractive appearance; widely adapted; easily topkilled; grades well with few culls; stores well. High total solids." Primary uses: Fresh market, boiling, and chipping.

CONGO - A blue-skinned and blue-fleshed variety with a large number of synonyms, as determined by genetic fingerprinting. See the University of Melbourne's page. Synonyms: British Columbia Blue; McIntosh Black; River John Blue; Sharon's Blue. Suspected synonyms: All Blue, Blue Congo, Congo Blue, Purple Congo, Nova Scotia Blue, Himalayan Black. See also: Tasmanian Gourmet Potatoes.

COWHORN - "Late-season. Fingerling tubers with pointed tips, dark-purple skin and dry, mealy, white flesh. Good storage. Excellent resistant to common scab and late bright.... Cowhorn is also known under the synonyms Purple Cowhorn and Seneca Cowhorn. Though listed as a fingerling in most databases, its name comes from its general appearance.... Specific gravity is 1.069. Maturity is mid-to-late and it is low yielding. It is a heritage variety with uncertain origins. It has been grown in New York state since before 1853." See also: Potato Gene Resources Newsletter (in .pdf format).

LA CROTTE D'OURS (BEAR POOP) - "Light purple skin, white flesh, distinctive shape - a long kidney type narrowed at the stem attachment, increasing in size toward the "nose", where it is enlarged and rounded. The tubers have a bit of a curve. Relatively smooth skin" (Potato Gene Resources Newsletter, 2001). See also: Kenosha Potato Project (scroll down to Cow Horn entry).

LION'S PAW - "Called the Puma Maqui in Spanish, this potato is named for its unique shape. Outstanding flavor." Round tuber with purple skin, flesh is a white cortex with a purple center. Heirloom variety listed in OSU's Potato Variety Inventory. (PDF)

MICHIGAN PURPLE - "A new purple-skinned tablestock variety that provides an alternative to red varieties." Purple skin, white flesh; medium early. Developed at MSU. See also: Am. J. Potato Res. 78:421-424 (2002).

OAC ROYAL GOLD - A cross between Caribe and Rose Gold, OAC Royal Gold "is a purple skin yellow fleshed potato cultivar with oval shaped tubers. It produced high specific gravity and boil and bake scores when evaluated... in Ontario." See also: Am. J. Potato Res. 75:179-180 (1998).

PURPLE MAJESTY - Oblong, medium maturing tubers with purple skin and flesh. "The potato has four times the level of antioxidants than regular white potatoes. Antioxidants in these potatoes reduce the amount of free radicals in our bodies that play a part in cancer, heart disease, stroke and numerous other diseases." See also: InnovatioNews, Marx Foods.

PURPLE PERUVIAN - "Purple through and through, small to medium tubers with many eyes." See also: Mountain Valley Produce.

PURPLE VIKING - "Deep purple skin dappled with pink spashes and stripes. White flesh; small-to-medium spreading plants. Mid-season. See also: Colorado Potatoes.

RUBY PULSIVER'S BLUE NOSER - "This is one of three maritime Canadian 'blues' in my collection. The other two are Angelina Mahoney's Blue and Pugh's Purple. They are all 'Blue Nose' types: long oval shape, light purple skin with a much darker blue 'nose' on the tuber. Flesh is white with blue streaks around the eyes when peeled. I am told that the Nova Scotians were called 'Blue Noses' because of this potato that was a big part of their diet. Ruby Pulsiver related to me that this variety was grown commercially on a local scale on Tancook Island and that it was traditionally boiled with salt fish" (Potato Gene Resources Newsletter, 2001). Listed in the University of Minnesota's heirloom database project. Synonym(s): 'White Congo' and 'Purple Chief'.

TRUE BLUE - Tubers are "oblong; smooth dark purple with scattered tan skin; shallow eyes, evenly distributed; prominent eyebrows; blue-purple flesh with some white and pink.... Vigorous growth habit. Excellent keeping characteristics (over 9 months), tolerant to low storage temperature (2°C). No evidence of necrosis or storage discolouration. Resistant to hollow heart. Medium specific gravity. Long dormancy period. Distinctive colour and flavour. Excellent “buttery” texture and “nutty” flavour. Flesh coloration changes from dark-violet to medium blue after cooking; high after boiling sloughing." Primary use: Boiling, baking, fresh market.

VITELOTTE - Tubers are "dark blue, almost black, skin and dark violet-blue flesh..." Synonyms: Négresse, Vitelotte Noire. See also Shizuoka Gourmet.

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